Despite the controversy of Instagram…

Having spent over £700 last year to further develop my interest in photography, the new Nikon camera, a photography course, magazines…it all adds up doesn’t it.

Then I buy my first smart phone back in March. Instantly fell in love with Instagram. A quick snap here, a quick snap there, add a filter, share to the world and hopefully you’ll get a few likes too, always pleasing. Now i use a few camera apps, and combine filters, a bit of knowledge can make a wonderful picture. And now i am find myself using my smart phone more than my expensive Nikon camera to take pictures, even then, pictures I’ve taken with the Nikon, i will import into instagram anyway.

It’s wonderfully easy to be creative, and in my opinion is still one of the best apps. And despite all the controversy, i wont be deleting my account.

If you feel the same, Check me out, and If you happen to like a few of my pics, give it a “like”!



Sad hearing the news Nelson Mandella is in hospital aged 94 years old.

My son asked me, if i could meet anybody in the world, who would it be? The likes of David Beckham, Madonna, Jenson Button are all fine people, but Nelson Mandella to me is the one awe inspiring person, who rose through the ashes of a struggle, to end up being President of South Africa. His story is an amazing one, and will be told over and over. The world loves you Nelson, and you will be remembered for the great things you achieved. Your work has changed lives, laws and politics. Your name is truley embedded in the history of South Africa for all the right reasons.

If I could meet anyone, it would be Nelson Mandella. Get well soon fella.