Migrant workers to come to the UK?

It wasnt that long ago when i heard that the Government wanted to grant about 600 Afghan interpreters to come and live in the UK. 

Now i hear that tens of thousands Bulgarians are expected to leave their country permanently with a view to settling in Britain, according to a new survey carried out for the European Parliament.

It’s not that i don’t appreciate the contribution that migrants can make to the UK, its just a very wrong time to allow this. Is the Government really so blind?

Hello Mr David Cameron! I was under the assumption that their isn’t enough jobs or homes for existing UK residents! So why the heck are we bringing in more people to be dependent on the state!

We should shut the doors to migrant workers for a minimum of 5 years, this could give the UK the opportunity to grow, become more financially stable. Then hopefully, be in a better position to offer new migrant workers new opportunities. Surely thats a much better option.


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