Sunset Chaser



And so the New year, is just 12 days old, We have had lots of rain, gales, floods and equally random weather pattens not just in the UK but globally.

Still we are blessed and thankful when we get the odd gorgeous day, the sunshine lacing our skin with vitamin D, The feel good factor it gives us, the excuse to go outside and explore. For me it’s perfect the excuse to get out my camera and take photos. I love sunsets.

There is something about sunsets that i’m sure we all like, the warmth, the orange glow, signalling the end of a wonderful day. And i always try to take a picture if and when i can, often I’ll go out my way, drive miles if I have to, seeking the perfect sunset shot. I often browse other peoples photography with a little envy. 

I have certainly made my DSLR work for it’s money and still yet in my opinion to capture my perfect shot. This year i will be chasing every sunset i can. I am of course my worst critic, so I wonder if my perfect shot will come in 2014? 

Is it too late to say Happy New year?


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