Sunset Chaser



And so the New year, is just 12 days old, We have had lots of rain, gales, floods and equally random weather pattens not just in the UK but globally.

Still we are blessed and thankful when we get the odd gorgeous day, the sunshine lacing our skin with vitamin D, The feel good factor it gives us, the excuse to go outside and explore. For me it’s perfect the excuse to get out my camera and take photos. I love sunsets.

There is something about sunsets that i’m sure we all like, the warmth, the orange glow, signalling the end of a wonderful day. And i always try to take a picture if and when i can, often I’ll go out my way, drive miles if I have to, seeking the perfect sunset shot. I often browse other peoples photography with a little envy. 

I have certainly made my DSLR work for it’s money and still yet in my opinion to capture my perfect shot. This year i will be chasing every sunset i can. I am of course my worst critic, so I wonder if my perfect shot will come in 2014? 

Is it too late to say Happy New year?


No Regrets

A bit of advice for the young and in love. At some point in your lives, you will experience a breakdown in trust.
Once its broken, it can pretty much never be repaired.

Sure, you can get back together, kiss and make up, tell everyone all is roses. The fact is, once the trust is broken, you will always be on your guard.
Thats not to say that person isnt special to you, or indeed that you dont love that person, all those may be true.

“when you are bitten by a dog, you will always be wary of that dog”

I only say this, because today, via social media today, i learnt of a previous love. A woman i met 6 years ago, was perfect for me in every way, as i was to her.
We made each other laugh, spontaniously. One day we decided to go to the sea side, the morning was sunny, the afternoon was raining. We’d both got soaked by the cold rain, and we just laughed. The photos we took that day were by far perfect,
wet hair wet clothes, our eyes showed how happy we were, and we defientely were. We were perfect. WE had many days like that.

Then, one day, for reasons still unclear to me, the trust broke down. She did something i thought she’d never do, something she knew would upset me if i found out.
And i found out. I knew from that moment id never feel the same. Of course, i still loved her, of course she regretted it, and apologised. We never really got back together after then. But would think about her all the time.
I’d get the odd email from here from time to time, sometimes id send the odd email to her, just because, we were thinking about each other.

I wanted her to know, i still thought very fondly of her, she was still a wonderful person in my eyes. And i missed her, her smile, her touch.
I don’t regret whats done, I have forgiven her. I want her to be happy, even if its not with me. I still keep the little the momentos. Even the photos she tore up, because they upset her, I have them in the very envelope she gave them to me.
Of course, life moves on, we all know that. We all make concious decisions. We both dated other people. But it was hard for me, because we were so happy at one point, that was the bench mark, and had never found somebody quite like her.

Now she met someone, who is special to her. I learn today,via social media they got married.
I wished her the best, and hope she was happy. I really do want her to be happy. But i did so with a lump im my throat. The many thoughts of my fair maiden now sadden me.

Words as quoted by Michael Jackson, ‘Fairwell my summer love’.

Des Kelly and Tony Jardine in the Artic Ralley

I had no idea about the Artic Rally, until Monday morning, with the normal early morning banter exchange with Tony,

“Hi Tony, how are you? Good weekend….etc?”

And in the brief exchange, his weekend adventure unfolded, and told me about his participation in the Artic Lapland Rally 2013 in Finland.

So, with eager interest, and a little research, i only have admiration for this gent, who embarked on this gruelling race which involves flying jumps, slippery corners, blistering cold weather, and finishing 22 out of 122. Not bad hey…..and they were they only Brit team their!

Despite the controversy of Instagram…

Having spent over £700 last year to further develop my interest in photography, the new Nikon camera, a photography course, magazines…it all adds up doesn’t it.

Then I buy my first smart phone back in March. Instantly fell in love with Instagram. A quick snap here, a quick snap there, add a filter, share to the world and hopefully you’ll get a few likes too, always pleasing. Now i use a few camera apps, and combine filters, a bit of knowledge can make a wonderful picture. And now i am find myself using my smart phone more than my expensive Nikon camera to take pictures, even then, pictures I’ve taken with the Nikon, i will import into instagram anyway.

It’s wonderfully easy to be creative, and in my opinion is still one of the best apps. And despite all the controversy, i wont be deleting my account.

If you feel the same, Check me out, and If you happen to like a few of my pics, give it a “like”!


Sad hearing the news Nelson Mandella is in hospital aged 94 years old.

My son asked me, if i could meet anybody in the world, who would it be? The likes of David Beckham, Madonna, Jenson Button are all fine people, but Nelson Mandella to me is the one awe inspiring person, who rose through the ashes of a struggle, to end up being President of South Africa. His story is an amazing one, and will be told over and over. The world loves you Nelson, and you will be remembered for the great things you achieved. Your work has changed lives, laws and politics. Your name is truley embedded in the history of South Africa for all the right reasons.

If I could meet anyone, it would be Nelson Mandella. Get well soon fella.

Hello brave new world

Welcome to my blog.

Why did i call it ‘whales and snails‘ i hear you ask? Simply no other reason than every other name i wanted had been used. So i typed silly words out of annoyance, and hence, came up with ‘wales and snails’.

It may seem you couldn’t bring two animals so diverse from each other. And naturally would never integrate. But both share one important common denomination, that is, we share the common earth. And both play an important role in their earthly ways.

Reason for everything, and everything for a reason.