No Regrets

A bit of advice for the young and in love. At some point in your lives, you will experience a breakdown in trust.
Once its broken, it can pretty much never be repaired.

Sure, you can get back together, kiss and make up, tell everyone all is roses. The fact is, once the trust is broken, you will always be on your guard.
Thats not to say that person isnt special to you, or indeed that you dont love that person, all those may be true.

“when you are bitten by a dog, you will always be wary of that dog”

I only say this, because today, via social media today, i learnt of a previous love. A woman i met 6 years ago, was perfect for me in every way, as i was to her.
We made each other laugh, spontaniously. One day we decided to go to the sea side, the morning was sunny, the afternoon was raining. We’d both got soaked by the cold rain, and we just laughed. The photos we took that day were by far perfect,
wet hair wet clothes, our eyes showed how happy we were, and we defientely were. We were perfect. WE had many days like that.

Then, one day, for reasons still unclear to me, the trust broke down. She did something i thought she’d never do, something she knew would upset me if i found out.
And i found out. I knew from that moment id never feel the same. Of course, i still loved her, of course she regretted it, and apologised. We never really got back together after then. But would think about her all the time.
I’d get the odd email from here from time to time, sometimes id send the odd email to her, just because, we were thinking about each other.

I wanted her to know, i still thought very fondly of her, she was still a wonderful person in my eyes. And i missed her, her smile, her touch.
I don’t regret whats done, I have forgiven her. I want her to be happy, even if its not with me. I still keep the little the momentos. Even the photos she tore up, because they upset her, I have them in the very envelope she gave them to me.
Of course, life moves on, we all know that. We all make concious decisions. We both dated other people. But it was hard for me, because we were so happy at one point, that was the bench mark, and had never found somebody quite like her.

Now she met someone, who is special to her. I learn today,via social media they got married.
I wished her the best, and hope she was happy. I really do want her to be happy. But i did so with a lump im my throat. The many thoughts of my fair maiden now sadden me.

Words as quoted by Michael Jackson, ‘Fairwell my summer love’.