Despite the controversy of Instagram…

Having spent over ¬£700 last year to further develop my interest in photography, the new Nikon camera, a photography course, magazines…it all adds up doesn’t it.

Then I buy my first smart phone back in March.¬†Instantly fell in love with Instagram. A quick snap here, a quick snap there, add a filter, share to the world and hopefully you’ll get a few likes too, always pleasing. Now i use a few camera apps, and combine filters, a bit of knowledge can make a wonderful picture. And now i am find myself using my smart phone more than my expensive Nikon camera to take pictures, even then, pictures I’ve taken with the Nikon, i will import into instagram anyway.

It’s wonderfully easy to be creative, and in my opinion is still one of the best apps. And despite all the controversy, i wont be deleting my account.

If you feel the same, Check me out, and If you happen to like a few of my pics, give it a “like”!